Equipment Cleaning

Does your gear stink?

Finally! A way to clean sports equipment that eliminates the bacteria, fungus, sweat and dirt that causes that terrible stink. Our system cleans and sanitizes your equipment completely. Not only is this a smart and healthy choice for every player, but it will also increase your luck ON and OFF the ice.


You wouldn’t believe what could be living in your protective gear. Germs thrive in the sweaty environment that a good tough game provides them. Every time test equipmentyou work out in your protective gear, legions of bacteria, fungi, mold, yeasts and other harmful bugs could be coming along for the ride. When you sweat, your skin is less able to guard itself from micro-organisms. If you have any chaffing, abrasions, cuts or scratches your defenses against infection are lowered even more.

Our 3600 pound machine is able to kill 99.99% of the bacteria and germs that live on your gear.Our detergents are completely bio-degradable and are environmentally friendly.The Esporta process is a wet wash, that can hold up to eight sets of standard equipment. If your gear is suppose to be white, but it looks brown and gross from all your sweat, we can turn it white again. During the Calgary Flood of 2013 NoSweat played a role in helping families clean most of their flood damaged stuff. This process was able to remove the mud, grime, and dirt, returning most of their flood damaged stuff to normal.


We always say it’s best to call/or email us before you come drop your stuff off. Unfortunately we have to run our machine fairly full so that it’s safe for the equipment plus our machine. Because of this we don’t have set days when we run our wash, so if you can leave it for a few days that is always best.

washing machineThis 3600 pound machine is a wet wash that takes about 20 hours to complete. It goes through two different chemicals, a disinfectant, and a fragrance. Your gear will come back looking like brand new. The machine scientifically designed drum contains eight individual steel cages. Your equipment is securely held in place by our mesh bags, which are then loaded into one of the eight compartments. The system goes through a series of wash, rinse, and extract cycles before the final air drying process. Water temperature and drum rotation speed are strictly regulated to protect the glues and plastics of your equipment. We have even washed some gear that is so old it should have been in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

With chemicals that are so safe you could bathe in it, low PH, and using low temperatures, your gear will not only turn out safe but it will also be cleaned and smelling fresh. If you have any more questions about our cleaning or how it works feel free to give us a call or send us an email at


(Shoulder Pads, Pants, Shin Pads, Elbow Pads, Gloves, Neck Guard, Jock/Jill)

Shoulder Pads: $14.95
Pants: $16.95
Gloves: $14.95
Shin Pads: $14.95
Elbow Pads: $11.95
Jock/Jill: $4.95
Neck Guard: $2.95

Helmet: $9.95

Bag: $14.95 (We can’t wash bags that have wheels)


(Chest & Arms, Pants, Blocker, Catcher, Neck guard, Jock/Jill)

Chest & Arm: $39.95
Pants: $19.95
Blocker: $14.95
Catcher: $14.95
Jock/Jill: $4.95
Neck Guard: $2.95

Mask: $12.95

Knee Pads: $11.95

Bag: $14.95 (We can’t wash bags that have wheels)

Removal of puck marks/disinfect Pads: $19.95

Don’t worry for those who don’t play hockey, we wash all different kinds of sport equipment. If it can fit in the machine we can wash it most likely. For pricing on equipment that isn’t hockey/ringette please call us.

*Prices subject to change without notice.



These timelines aren’t set in stone, you could still get a day turn around anytime of the year if you time it right.  These are just more of a guideline to help you plan around your hockey schedule. Please note that calling us is always the best way to find out when we are doing the next cleaning.

January-March: ( 5-7 Days)

April: (1-3 Days)

June-July:  (3-5 Days)

August-October: (1-3 Days)

November-December: (5-7 Days) *Christmas holidays (1-3 Days)

*These are business days